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Muud stands for the expression of a feeling, a mindset, a vision and a vibe. I love the raw, the authentic and the pure.

Growing up in the agglomeration of Bern as mixed raced Swiss Latina girl I early got in touch with the Hip-Hop culture through my sister listening to Snoop Dog and introducing me to MTV. I know that seeing Missy and Busta doing their thing released something inside of me. As Ciara hit the stage I knew: yeaa that's my thing! 


But rather than getting into the commercial fields of dance I got attracted by the battle scene and the street art culture. My heart directly felt connected and understood. The idea of coloring up walls and dancing on the streets was something I didn't understand where it was coming from yet, but my inner alien felt home immediatley.


I drew since I was a kid. The passion for evolution was always real, so I kept pushing the skill smoothly over the years. Aspire to inspire and if possible, to share and support are my values.


The path is unfolding, realness the credo. I just hope that if I stay real and do my way, people I love will feel encouraged to do the same. You could become someone I love if you're still reading.


Thank your for your time

Grow and electrify

so will I, so do I

Lighten up people!
The time is now.


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