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Unfold your potential as freestyle dancer in the Alcheme Lab.

108 movement experiments on 62 cards.

Körper 1.png
Hirn 2.png



Work with your body and feeling. 



Dive into the depth of your fantasy.

herz 2.png



Unleash your true expression.




Expand your vision and consciousness.


16 characters of the four different tribes guide you through your training and share a specific freestyle formula and a mindset with you.

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Combine over 432 training formulas.

Your formula consists of three ingredients. Within the suggested formulas you can build up to 432 different mixtures.

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Alcheme Jam 9.jpg
Alcheme Jam 6.jpg

Play alone, with a partner and in a jam.

You can dive into the lab with a different amount of people. Find depth in discovery in the lab alone, an intense exchange in the partner exchange and excitement and craziness in the jam lab.

Alcheme product 2.jpg _ Constructor Kopie.jpg

Screw the rules and become

Dr. Me

If you're tired of the suggested formulas you can still do you and combine your own mixture of ingredients by becoming a Doctor of your own rules -  becoming Dr. Me.

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